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BREAKING NEWS: Boost Innovation Releases Cutting Edge Team Culture Software


Boost Innovation, in partnership with Adaptive Immersion Technologies, is thrilled to announce their first product designed to measure, and build, culture health in the sports.

The FLW Project is a cutting edge software that uses advanced, military-grade, algorithms to measure personality of athletes combined with knowledge of tactics and strategies in order to determine fit within in the team.

The software focuses on measuring the following factors in order to help predict fit within the team, and areas or improvement:

  • Implicit team coordination

  • Learning goal orientation

  • Maximum typical performance

  • Concentration

  • Cognitive interference resistance

  • Altruism

The software is web-based, so it is very easy to complete the analysis by receiving a link to your email, or mobile phone through text and completing it in a browser.

After completing, the software provides general results to the athlete that shows their score in each area, a report to the coach of areas of strength and improvement in those areas, how this all fits into the team values and strategy goals, and even how to improve.

If you, or someone you know, would like to sign their team up to be in early on the FLW Project, go to www.boostinnovation.io/flwproject today.

About Boost Innovation

Boost Innovation is a culture and performance-based company that is based on creating technology and methodology that measures key performance indicators in order to create data-driven improvements. Currently focusing on sport and workplace culture, Boost Innovation seeks to improve overall performance whether this is reflected in profits, wins, championships, turnover, wellness, inclusion, etc.

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