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FLW For Sport

Our Mission: Build and measure flow state conditions to enhance the performance of sport teams in a way never before seen.

Using methodology and data from our work on our GRW project, we aim to listen, analyze, and build flow state conditions into any group. High performance, more joy, and higher confidence are our key outcomes.

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Our Core Process

We start by listening to the needs and building a set of flow-based conditions. Then we analyze the adherence and effectiveness. Finally, we build by adding/removing conditions to be more effective in your specific environment. All we need from you is the desire to FLOW. 

Our Framework

Ken King

Boost Innovation President & CEO

Ken is the President & CEO of Boost Innovation Inc. They operate as The Boost Institute" and "Boost Tech" in order to deliver training and data-based tech innovation in the fields of culture, performance, business development, and mindfulness. 

Ken has worked in talent development and leadership for the past ten years in high performance sport, corporate consulting, inclusion, diversity, and talent development in multiple arenas. 

Ken has worked with groups and individuals worldwide and continues to provide 1on1 mentorship and coaching to executives in multiple industries. 

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